Wedgwood Estates Community Association - 38 Nancy Lane Downingtown, PA 19335       610-873-7208
The Wedgwood Estates Community Association (WECA) is a voluntary, non-profit group of homeowners working together to encourage a safe and respectful environment of which we can all be proud
Wedgwood - "place at the marshy wood"
Homeowner Association Meetings
HOA meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM in the community room please come stop in we would love to see you there.
Important Information Below - Please Read
Please remember there is a no solicitation policy in Wedgwood and in Caln township.  We have listened to the requests of homeowners.  
Homeowners have expressed they do not want any flyers on their property or vehicles.  As the community understands, from time to time communication must be sent, getting this done from the office is easy since we have day and evening hours. Many homeowners have complained about the litter and trash caused by these flyers left on vehicles, mailboxes and common property.  All requests must be submitted in writing, with a copy of the flyer or request to the office.  The homeowner who is requesting this mailing must submit their name and address along with the request.  This information will be retained in the homeowners file.  Any questions, please feel free to contact the office in writing. 
With the recent activity of unapproved emails and other correspondences, WECA wants you to know the office did not supply any email personal information.  We understand the severity of this issue and this situation is being looked into.  Please continue to notify the office if  you received unsolicited correspondences.

Community grounds
All members of the Association are welcome to use community property, but must first fill out a request form for larger gatherings in the front field and fields adjacent to courts.  This includes private parties and yard sales. This practice has been adopted by the Board for safety, communication and legal concerns.  Contact the office or download the form here

Save on postage 
A mailbox has been installed to the left of the office doors for dues and other correspondence.  Or provide the office with a current email address to receive notices
Rules & Regulations
A resolution was passed on June 3, 2014, to accept updated WECA rules and regulations.  They were distributed by mail to every household and property owner. 
WECA documents
By-laws click here 
(a clean copy for easy reading can be obtained from the WECA Office.)
Declaration of Covenants click here
Architectural Change Request click here 
Current Rules and Regulations adapted and mailed July 2014 click here.
Updated Information
The WECA Office asked that homeowners take the time to notify the office with any changes to phone numbers, email addresses, rental info, etc.  WECA uses this information to be able to email more notices, advise of emergency notifications, and save money of postage.  Please remember that all information is confidential and will never be shared with any other homeowner or any third party.  This information is solely for the purpose of WECA and to be used by the office staff to keep you the community informed in a more timely manner. 
Community Lights
If you notice a street light out please contact the office with the pole number.  Once we have three lights out we will contact the company to have the lights repaired.  Since we are charged a service call, we try to save money by having a minimum of three lights not working before we report outages.
WECA Rental Property Policy Reminder
For all rental properties in WECA the office requires the following to be on file:
1.  Current Homeowners address and all contact information including current telephone number
2.  Copy of the current rental agree or lease with tenant and tenant information
3. Current years Caln Township rental/occupancy permit
4. Proof of homeowners hazard insurance
Volunteers Wanted
Want to help out? Looking for volunteers to help out with programs and activities. Call 610-873-7208 for more information. 

See what's happening
If you haven't been by the office lately, there is now a bulletin board installed with current events and information.
Attention homeowners:
The Board of Directors would like to notify the community that there has been an increased amount of late-night activity in and around the courts. If you see cars in the courts that don't belong, or if there are people loitering around that don't live in the community, please call 911 and report the problem to the police. Please help us keep the community clean and safe.
updated 11/19/15
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