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 Paving & Concrete Rehabilitation
The first phase of Wedgwood's roads, curbs & sidewalk repair is completed on Ascot, Appledore & Argyll Courts. 
The necessary 10 - 15 year plan will begin at the oldest courts and travel throughout the development until all courts are completed.  Please be patient while we increase the value and improve the condition of our community.
Animal Issues
Please be advised the office does receive and listen to the complaints on dog/cat issues.  If you see this happening call the police immediately you can remain anonymous.  All dogs are required to be under control at all times. 
We do realize from time to time in the large fields dogs will be off leash to play and run.  The homeowner or tenant is responsible to clean up immediately after your animal and keep those dogs under control. 
Animal waste cannot sit in your yard or on common ground for any length of time.  Also several complains have come in on homeowners opening their doors letting small dogs walk around courts doing there business about 15-25 homes away and calling the animal back.  This is not allowed you must walk your dog on a leash and pick up after the animal immediately.  Please notify the office each time you see this offense. 
Several homeowners have complained of the cats using private flower beds as litter box.  Letters will be sent on these issues as we receive the complains.  As animal owners you, may not think this is an issue but the homeowners whose flower box is used does think it’s a problem. 
Be nice to the people on your court clean up after your pets.  Keep your cats indoors; clean up after your animal even if the animal goes in your yard, it needs to be cleaned up immediately not daily or not weekly.  The yard does smell and is not fair to your neighbor(s) attached. 
Wedgwood does adhere to Caln Township/PA state laws regarding animals.  A copy of these laws are on file in the office for your review or at your request.
Trash Cans
Over the course of the last few months we have received several complaints on trash/trash cans and front porches/yards.  Please keep trash cans lids on all outdoor trash cans.
In order to keep animals and pests from gaining access to our household trash, all trash must be secured in trash cans with lids.  The containers must be stored on the homeowner’s property and cannot be stored common property.  The BOD completed a recent walk to review all areas of the community.  Please note letters will be sent to any homeowners in violation.  
WECA Street Maintenance
Ashley Ct - Spring 2014
Brighton Ct - Spring 2014
Nancy Lane -  TBD
Astor Ct - TBD
Bianca/Delphi Cts - TBD
Appledore Dr, Argyll & Ascot Cts - Completed
Westbury Ct - TBD
Improving Communication
Please take a moment to let the office know the best way to contact you, and how you would prefer to receive information.
The WECA Board has been informed that many Homeowners are parking more than one car in the front parking spots close to homes.  Out of courtesy for your neighbors please park only one vehicle in the front row, and all other vehicles for your household in the back row or in the overflow parking.
Numbered parking spaces are appearing and are not allowed nor have they been approved. There are currently no assigned parking spots in Wedgwood. Defacing the streets and curbs by painting numbers is not allowed. These addresses with numbers on parking spots will be fined. Please also remember vehicles should not be parked in designated "No Parking" spots.
Illegal Vehicles Parked in Wedgwood Estates
Any vehicle parked in Wedgwood Estates without current PA inspection stickers and PA current tags and PA vehicle registration, or in proper running order, such as flat tires, etc. will be stickered by the Wedgwood Office.  Once stickered, the vehicle owner will have 7 days to bring the vehicle current.  If proof is not submitted the vehicle will be towed from Wedgwood property at the owner's expense seven days from the date and time the vehicle is originally stickered.  Proof must be submitted to the office prior to the 7th day to avoid the vehicle being towed.  Cars are towed to Daryl Fling Towing at 180 Hurley Road, Coatesville, PA.  Their phone number is 610-383-6362.  Vehicles in which the office receives complaints from other home owner's will be checked and stickered if necessary. 
***Please be advised, in order to enter the WECA Pool, members must have a current year’s WECA issued photo ID pool pass.  If you do not have a WECA issued pool pass and are not with a member who has a WECA ID, you will not be allowed to enter the pool area. 
All guests must purchase a $5.00 guest pass for the day of their visit. 
All guest passes must be purchased in advance from the WECA office. If you are a guest of a member, that member must be present during your time at the pool.  No refunds will be given.***
Pods and Dumpsters
While the WECA BOD understands from time to time homeowners may need to have a Pod or dumpster delivered at the homes, we ask that you send a request for approval, to the WECA Office, prior to placing the units on common grounds.  When sending the request, please advise the amount of time the unit will be on Wedgwood property.  If prior approval is not requested, pods and dumpsters will be removed at the owners expense. 
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