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Community Work Updates


WORK LIST - 6/5/18



First round of tree & branch cleanup was completed on 6/19/18.



Branches from storm of 7/3/18, were cleaned up on 7/11/18.



Contractor is currently working through the community to remove dead trees, dead limbs, and elevate trees for sidewalk and mower clearance.  Work began the week of 7/9/18, and will continue until the approved worklist of 6/5/18 has been completed.



Neighborhood Watch

The board has requested increased police presense in our community to address some ongoing issues.


We appreciate the help of all owners and residents in assisting with community watch.


If you notice anything suspicious, cars are speeding on Wedgwood Drive, or if there are noise disturbances, please do not hesitate to call 911.  Your report will be confidential.  If we all work together we can keep our community safe and peaceful.


Please contact our community liaison, Deputy Chief Mitchell Rock, directly, if you are concerned about something suspicious, he is working very hard to help us solve any community issues.


He can be reached at -

610-383-1821 Ext. 180

or email at –


Please leave your full name, identify yourself as a Wedgwood Estates owner/resident, your street address, and return contact info.



Safety Updates

UPDATE - 10/2017 -

After months of working with Caln Twp officials, it is now PROHIBITED for delivery trucks and car carriers to park on Wedgwood Drive.  If you see a truck parked, please contact Caln Twp Police by dialing 911, and the driver will be cited.  Parking at the east entrance is dangerous for our residents, and will not be permitted.


UPDATE - 6/6/16 - 

Look what we got !!  Thank you to Carol and Dana for your attendance at many township meetings and your relentless insistance on a permanent solution.  Cones have finally been installed to address the dangerous delivery truck parking issue at the front of the dealership.  Great job girls !!



Watch Services Available

Vacation Check Service


Caln Twp Police offer a free vacation check service to our residents. Officers will periodicaly check on your home when you are out of town.  This service can be used for vacation, business travel, or vacant properties between tenants.


If interested in the service, please contact the police department at:  610-383-7000, or complete the form at the link below and drop it off at the police station.


URGENT     Billing & Correspondence Update


WE NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, and updated phone numbers.  


PLEASE complete the contact information update form (link button below), if you have not already done so.


Effective 2/1/17, we will be moving to electronic statements, and communications.


We will no longer physically mail any monthly statements, community notices and/or flyers. 


All will be emailed to the current email address on file.

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