Notices & Events

Property Inspections

We regularly walk the community to inspect properties & grounds.


Owners will be notified of any issues with their property in need of attention.  


Notices are sent to violators.  Failure to remedy the violation or continued non-compliance with the Rules & Regulations of the community will result in fines and/or further action against the property owner.


Please make sure that your home and property are properly maintained and all exterior areas are free of clutter.  Let's all strive make our community the best it can be.


Parking & Vehicle Regulations


Out of courtesy for your neighbors, please park only one vehicle in the front row, and all other vehicles for your household in the back row or in overflow parking.  


Owners with driveways must park (2) cars in the driveway.  Overnight parking is not permitted on the street curblines.


Vehicles should not be parked in designated "No Parking" areas.


Illegal Vehicles

All vehicles parked in Wedgwood must have current PA inspection stickers & tags.


All vehicles must be in proper running order (no flat tires, blocked or covered cars)


All vehicles deemed non-compliant with community regulations will be stickered by the office.  Once stickered, the vehicle owner will have (7) days to bring the vehicle compliant.


Proof of remedy must be submitted to the WECA office prior to the 7th day to avoid the vehicle being towed from Wedgwood property at the vehicle owners expense.


Cars are towed to:

Daryl Fling Towing

180 Hurley Rd

Coatesville, PA

(610) 383-6362

Street Lights

If you notice a street light outage, please contact the office with the following information:


1)  pole number

2)  street/court name

3)  location


We normally wait until (3) lights are out before contacting the contractor for repair.  There is a minimum service call fee, so we try to save funds by not calling for single light outages.

Soliciting, Flyers & Posting

There is a strict NO SOLICITING policy in Wedgwood Estates.


Contractor Solicitations

Per Caln Twp Police:  

Our community is private property, and we have "No Soliciting" signs clearly posted at both entrances.  


Ask the solicitor to leave Wedgwood property, and if they refuse or argue, call the police at:    (610) 383-7000

and they will remove them.  If asked to leave, they must abide or risk losing their Caln Twp permit.


Flyers & Posts

Homeowners have expressed they do not want any flyers on their property, vehicles, or posted on the mailboxes.  It causes litter and makes the community look bad.


Please continue to notify the office if you receive unsolicited correspondence, or if flyers have been distributed throughout the community.


Violators will be fined, and reported to authorities.

Events Pending





Saturday, May 22nd




Residents may set-up in their front yard, or in the west front field.




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