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Owners are responsible for clearing their own sidewalks, porches, patios and decks.  Owners are also responsible for clearing their own cars, and parking spaces. Every snowfall, storm or ice event is unique.  The board appointed contact and the contractor confer to discuss each storm event, to assure the best application and the most cost effective methods are employed.  In most storm events, the following snow removal procedure is followed:


  • The first pass of the plow will remove snow from the roadways in a driven pathway, to allow access for emergency vehicles, and entry or exit from the courts.  This may be done with a larger plow to move the most volume of snow as quickly as possible
  • The second pass of the plow, will clear more of the plowed pathway, begin to clear sharp angles at lot corners, back plow out areas where vehicles are not parked, and clear closer to the rear of parked vehicles
  • During heavier snowfall, the contractor may use bobcats to clear as many spaces as possible.  The first pass of the bobcat is with the snow pusher bucket, to aid in clearing snow closer to the rear of parked vehicles.  This bucket pushes a larger volume of snow most efficiently, and cannot clear individual spaces, only larger areas.  The second pass with the bobcat, will be with the normal bucket, which allows scoop and removal from spaces.  The contractor will clear spaces where cars have been moved, while they are in the court.  When you hear the backup beepers, its time to move your cars.
  • Parking spaces will NOT be hand shoveled by the contractor’s crew.  Spaces are cleared by use of the bobcats, only if the storm size dictates, and the owners come out to move their vehicles, while they are in the court with the bucket.




With every snowfall, storm or ice event, we ask all owners and residents to comply with the following guidelines to help with more efficient snow removal:


  • Do not park near entrances to courts, leave the first couple spaces near the entry empty, so the plows and snow removal equipment can easily enter and exit the lots
  • Owners will NOT be permitted to park in the streets along the curb lines during snow events.  Streets must be clear for large equipment to facilitate ease of snow removal, and to afford easy access for emergency vehicles.  Violators will be fined and/or towed WITHOUT notice or warning.  There will be no parking permitted on Nancy Ln unless in driveways or marked parking spaces.  There will be no parking along the curblines of Bianca Circle & Delphi Court, residents must park in their driveways or marked parking spaces only. Westbury Ct residents are NOT permitted to park on Astor Ct, with the exception of the spaces immediately at the rear of units 200-203.  The upper end of Astor Ct is needed for snow removal
  • The plows will try to pile snow on common grounds.  Leave spaces available for plows to access these areas, so they can remove all snow from the paved areas, and push back enough to allow for upcoming storms
  • Condense parking to allow the plows to more efficiently clear the lots in a single pass through the community
  • Owners are requested to move their cars before the second pass of the plow.  As the plow comes through your court the second time, move your vehicle as directed by the contractor. 
  • The contractor has been instructed NOT TO shovel between cars, if your car is not moved when the plows come through, spaces will not be cleared, and you will have to shovel.  Please be courteous to your neighbors, if they went outside, and took the time to move their car, or shoveled the spot, you know you didn’t clear it, don’t take the spot.  You would expect the same in return.
  • Do not put trashcans, chairs or other objects in the lot to save your space, the plows must maneuver around them, or move them to plow, which takes time and costs money.  Any items placed in parking spots will be removed and discarded.  Saving of parking spaces is prohibited.
  • Motorcycles are very hard to see when covered with snow.  Storage of motorcycles is prohibited in the common lots or parking areas during the off-season and MUST be stored offsite PRIOR to first snowfall or by December 1st annually, whichever comes first.  Liability for any damage during snow events will rest with the registered owner of the motorcycle, if it is not stored offsite.  Motorcycles parked in the lots after December 1st, will be ticketed.  If not removed from the community within (7) days, they will be hauled out by the towing company at the expense of the registered owner.


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