Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste & Hazardous Disposal


Trash, Recyling, Yard Waste & Hazardous Waste Items are becoming an eyesore in our community.  To end the issues and improve the curb appeal of our community, the association will enforce compliance with our rules and regulations.  


Failure to comply with the community rules and regulations will result in a violation/fine being assessed.  First offense is $25; thereafter $50 PER OCCURRENCE.  




THERE IS A NO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR LITTERING AND/OR DUMPING in our community.  Violators will be fined for littering, and will also be charged the cost incurred by the association for cleanup of the dumped items.  


The trash contractor is solicited by Caln Township.  If there is an issue with service or items are not picked-up, it is the owners responsibility to contact Caln Township immediately, at (610) 384-0600, Ext 3, to address the issue.


The most common violations are a result of non-compliance with items detailed below:


Trash & Recycling

Trash pickup is on Thursday.  Cans are to be placed out for collection AFTER 6PM on Weds, and retrieved NO LATER THAN Thursday evening.


Cans must be placed along the curbline on paved or concrete surfaces only.  NEVER place cans in the grass or lawn areas (whether private or common).


DO NOT leave uncollected items at the curb.  Items left after 24 hours may be removed by the association at owners expense, on top of fine for violation.


Only ONE single bulk item per household per week.  Violators will be fined $100 for violation and $25 daily until cleaned up.


All cans placed for collection must be clearly marked with your house number.


Tie all bags & place all bags in your can to prevent animals from tearing into bags.  If your bags are torn open, it is your responsibility to clean it up.


When collecting your cans on the evening of trash collection, look around you, if you notice any pieces of trash, please pick them up.  Lets all work together to help keep our community clean.


BULK PICKUPS & MOVEOUTS OR APPLIANCE PICKUP:  Must be scheduled in advance, directly with the hauler at the owners expense:  

Eagle Disposal

(717) 355-9560

Yard Waste

Yard waste is picked up BI-WEEKLY.  Do NOT place paper yard waste bags or bundled branches at the curb until the evening before pickup.


Yard Waste includes yard trimmings or clippings, weeds, leaves, sticks, branches, limbs & garden waste.  


All yard waste must be in biodegradable paper lawn waste bags, or bundled as required.


DO NOT place at the curb with trash.  Yard waste must be placed AFTER 6PM the evening prior to scheduled yard waste pickup.


Please check the Caln Township website for the current yard waste pickup schedule.


If items are not collected, it is the responsibility of the owner to contact Caln Twp at (610) 384-0600, Ext 3, prior to 10AM the next day to schedule the hauler to return.



Hazardous Disposal

PA Law mandates proper recycling & disposal of the following items (collection & drop-off locations can be found on the Caln Township or the Chester Cty Solid Waste Authority websites  (link buttons below)



Computers, laptops, monitors, printers, etc:

Staples currently accepts most technology electronics for FREE recycling (check their website for items accepted).  PA Law prohibits these items from being placed for trash collection.



Old televisions both tube and projection style, WILL NOT be picked-up.  Placing these items out for collection is prohibitied by WECA and PA Law.  TVS MUST BE TAKEN TO CHESTER COUNTY LANDFILL (located 20 minutes west on Rt 322).  They will be accepted for free.  (3) per car limit.



Tires must be taken to Midas (Thorndale), for recycling.  They will charge $3 per tire for proper disposal.


QUESTIONS ? - Most questions on Hazardous and Prohibited Waste Items can be answered on the following websites (click on link button below):


Dumping & Prohibited Waste

There is NO DUMPING of ANY kind allowed on Wedgwood property.  This includes any and all rubbish, old tires, trash, lawn debris & branches, Christmas trees, etc.


Do not dump ANYTHING in or at the edges of the pond or marshes, in or along the edges of wooded areas, on common grounds, or in the dense overgrowth bordering our property lines, or behind the line of shops in the front of the community.


DO NOT empty trash or cigarette butts from your vehicle into the parking lots.





Pods & Dumpsters

PODs and dumpsters are permitted on common grounds, with prior approval only.  Written approval from the office must be in hand, prior to placement of the unit.


Please email your request to the office, with the following information:

  • date of placement
  • duration of use
  • location of placement
  • chosen provider of service

If prior approval is not requested, pods and dumpsters may be removed by the association at the homeowners expense.


Please be advised, any damage to common grounds, including:  lawns, curbs, sidewalks,  and/or paved surfaces is the responsiblity of the homeowner who contracted the rental unit.  Area will be inspected by the HOA prior to placement, and after removal of the unit.

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